Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Beautiful Magician

Words are always as amazing as we tell them
But I seem to be lost for words when I speak to you.
Want and need seem to be different when they speak such words,
Perhaps to me they are both the same when I speak your name.
I try to write but my mind goes completely blank,
My chest floats in the unseen air for the thought of your face.
Do I deserve this? Do I deserve you?
Love used to be so unfamiliar with me,
But when I’m beside you I’m guessing that’s how it feels.
I’ve become so selfish that I want you to myself,
That jealousy has become my bestfriend.
I love the complete silence when you are near me
I listen as you take your deep breath.
Morning seems so lovely when I wake up
Next to your chest.
When the sun rays hit your face
It was a sight to behold.
Kisses are our morning coffee.
I’m afraid to lose this,
I want to wake up like this everyday.
Everyday ‘til we are wrinkled and gray.
Your laugh, your voice tickles my heart,
And a kiss to my cheek ignites the fire.
I close my eyes and imagine the curve of your lips
how perfectly they collide with mine.
Let our sweat evaporate and burn into the morning sun
as we intoxicate on our lips.
We pull away and smile at each other
Like there is no better place but in each other's arms.
Your fingertips crawling in my spine,
We let our bodies speak as we silently stare at each other.
I can get used to this,
Just please don't go away.
This is scary to want someone this much,
Oh you have cast a mighty spell on me.

June 12 , 2011

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