Wednesday, January 12, 2011

To My Summer King

oh my summer king, your breath melts my ice cold lips. you’ve melted what was frozen inside of me. and i have froze what was burning inside of you. how can we ever be together? my love, you’ve brought passion and love to me. and i have brought you cold and sufferings. how can we ever be together my summer king?

oh my summer king, i can always be your summer queen, if only i could. melt me even if i turn to liquid when we lock lips.. with the kiss like of breathe of sunshine i will forever be lost in your light. your heat that flows through my skin that lingers in every part of me. oh summer king, here i am, with my icy cold breath. with the loneliness of chilled air that surrounds me. i am in seek of your heat that makes me feel alive.

oh my summer king, i am forever lost in your light. forever in search of your heat. i will be yours till the very last of me will melt away from the summer heat.

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