Friday, September 23, 2011

Dear Hair, I'm never satisfied. Sorry.

I get bored so fast with my hair. I hate having the same kind of hairstyle or hair color. I have a habit of changing it after a couple of months. I'm not afraid of dying it or just cutting them real short regardless of the length. I just get bored so fast.
I'm sorry hair if I have dyed, permed and cut you a lot of times. Somehow you really did give up on me and gave me the driest hair ever! That lead me to chopping my hair off really short. Boy hair cut short! Just when I decided that I wanted to grow it long this time.
My hair now is really short, won't even reach my shoulders at all. I promise not to do anything to it but just let it grow long and not have a drastic haircut for two years. But hey! That won't stop me from changing the hair color though. But I promise to grow it long this time.

Well here are some of the photos that I still have in how much I've been changing my hair in just 3 years! And yeah they are in order in how I've changed them in 3 years. Okay hair, I won't harm you anymore for a year or so. I'll let you rest. :)


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