Sunday, September 25, 2011

♥ food.

Yesterday I went out with few friends. Though the original planned changed I really didn't mind at all. Well coz I still get to eat!
As soon as I met with my friend we were both hungry already and decided to grab something to eat. Since I didn't want to eat something too heavy I asked him to eat with me at Earle's. The sandwich there is 10 inches long, affordable and really good. They usually cut the bread into 2 since it's too long. I only ate half of mine and forgot to take the other half when we decided to walk around.
I met up with another friend and we decided to eat at Gelatissimo since I wanted to eat something sweet and cold. I don't really remember what I ordered but it taste really good. My friend ordered cookie and cream and a brownie. I really didn't really enjoy his order since I thought it tasted like alcohol. Talked for a few minutes since I haven't seen them in quite some time. Catching up with what we have been doing in our lives.
I went home with a happy stomach! BTW the photos I took suck coz I'd rather enjoy what I'm eating. :)

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