Friday, September 23, 2011

"Sometimes you have to be strong, even when your whole world just fell apart."

So this is my Father who I lost recently on April 25, 2011. It was the most painful experience I had in my life. I love my Dad more than anyone in this world. Though I may not show or say it often but I do love him. He was the best Father a daughter and a son could ask. He puts us first before anything else. He makes sure we get what we want before he gets his. He is a very unselfish person. He is the only person I never saw mad in my whole life. He’s very soft spoken, I don’t ever recall him shouting or talk loud. He was just that kind. He was a good husband to my mother. He makes sure my mother is always okay. He makes sure my mother is healthy and safe and forgot his own health. Most of all, he was a good person. He helps and gives without asking anything in return. He never holds a grudge to anybody. He forgives and forgets.
We finally went back to Kuwait to be with him after the operation and to live here in Kuwait again with him. Since he has been working here as an architect for years. But my older brother had to stay in Philippines until April 29 and wait for his visa and ticket.
Sending him to the operating room was painful enough. I prayed, I prayed until I fell asleep. After few hours my mother sent me a message that my father’s operation was successful and he was at the ICU. I was happy that he was strong enough and now we just have to wait for 2 days to see him again. But after an hour suddenly my father just gave up. His heart just stopped beating. He couldn’t take the 8 hours operation. It was just too sudden dad.
My father had stage 4 Cancer in his pancreas. The 8 hours operation was successful but his body couldn’t take it and died from Cardiac Arrest.
Treasure your parents. They are all you have. And they love you for who you are. Tell them you love them everyday because you don’t know when is the last time you could hear them say they love you back too. I lost my father so sudden after a week of being with him again here in Kuwait.
Make sure they know you love them and thankful for everything. I know my father now is with our Lord. But I just can’t help but miss him and cry. We love you Papa and we will miss you.

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