Friday, September 23, 2011

Electro Pop Me!

Rez Toledo also known as Somedaydream. I know some people are very familiar with him already. But I'm going to blog about his music anyway coz I love it and never get tired of hitting the replay button and listen to his song!
I heard his songs months ago and I liked it already. I thought it was a foreign band playing on the radio. He doesn't sound like a local band here in the Philippines. But when I searched the lyrics on google then found the artist I immediately went to youtube and play the song. I was surprised to see a Pinoy playing this song. Coz he totally didn't sound like one. I was blown away.

He is one of the few local artists that I would want to see play live on gigs. It's so worth it. 
There are still a lot of talented musician here in the country. Support Philippines' local bands.

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